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Small Changes Make Big Impact

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Over the past three months, we have grown together as a church community. As a community, we have made changes and created new partnerships all in hope of making Clarksburg look a little more like heaven on earth. Sometimes, a small change makes a big difference, especially when a group of people makes a small change together.

Four notable changes and events so far this year:

  1. Coffee in the Lounge: You may have noticed a new taste and cup/lid with your Sunday morning coffee. Beginning in February, we took another step toward independence by purchasing coffee from Westrock Coffee and using biodegradable cups and lids. With this small change, we are providing coffee that is ethically sourced and materials that are earth-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable. Westrock Coffee is a company that employs farmers in distant countries. The coffee is ethically sourced, promises fair wages, and consistent income which provides opportunities for farmers and their families to have their basic necessities, like education, access to clean water, and healthcare, fulfilled. With these two small changes, we are able to make a global impact – caring for people and the earth.
  2. The Eugene Project: Additionally, as a congregation, we have continued our journey in learning to love and care for our diverse and ever-changing city. In January we came together and organized 48 people from within our Clarksburg Church community, the military, other local neighbors, students from local high schools, and local church Cedarbrook, to support our 82-year-old neighbor, Eugene. Together we restored his property and helped him avoid substantial county fines he would have not been able to afford.
  3. SWAP and P.U.R.E. Youth: We have hosted events to serve our community in various ways, including a SWAP in February, which encouraged everyone to give and receive freely. During the SWAP, we partnered with Pure Youth, People for Urban and Rural Education (P.U.R.E), an organization locally lead by a middle school student that seeks to confront inequality by increasing educational opportunities for children in impoverished communities at home in the United States and in India. They hosted a bake sale during the SWAP, and we matched their sales. The next SWAP is on August 10.
  4. The Little Free Pantry: In March we partnered with local Girl Scouts and the organization the Little Free Pantry, to be the host a 24/7 Clarksburg Little Free Pantry on our parking lot which helps meet food insecurity for anyone in need. The pantry has only been open for three weeks and already we have seen steady donating and receiving traffic from both our congregation and the members from the greater Clarksburg and neighboring communities.

Thank you for joining in and participating in the call to love our neighbors and community that is enabling the movement of God to continue to every generation and those who are not yet followers of Jesus. We look forward to seeing what will come in the next few months!