2018 Clarksburg Church Financial Update

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2018 Clarksburg Church Financial Update

In November of 2018, you might have heard Beth unpack some exciting news. Do party hats and blowers ring a bell? Yes? Clarksburg Church had hit an exciting and important financial marker. Clarksburg Church’s income reached their expected spending for 2018! There was much celebration had by all!

Before the congregation a new goal was presented: to become financially independent from Fairfax Community Church (FCC) in 2019. This process of “growing up” would entail opening our own bank account with $40,000 to sustain us through any emergency we might encounter.

Here’s how Clarksburg Church finished financially in 2019 and a plan for our growing financial independence:

2018 Spending and Expense Overview

  • Total expenses for 2018:$209,700
    • Spending was $90,000 under budget as a result of the grace of God and careful spending of staff!
  • Total 2018 income: $237,300
    Income was generated by:

$163,300 Clarksburg Giving
$24,000 contribution from the after-school program, Best Brains
$50,000 Fairfax support*

Based on our additional income, we were able to open our new bank account with $27,600.

*Fairfax Community Church is a church located in Fairfax, VA that is responsible for our continued existence. They planted us! They are kind of like our parents!

Financial Independence

Without the help of FCC, we would not have $27,600 to put in the bank to start 2019. In fact, without FCC we would have been about $20,000 behind our spending. So we are incredibly grateful to them. But like all children, it is time for us to grow up and sustain ourselves.

Fairfax is still supporting us in tremendous ways; they own the land, building, and property and allow us to use the facility rent-free which is amazingly generous!

A Decreased Budget for 2019

In order for us to financially support ourselves, we have made the decision to decrease our 2019 budget to $261,000, which is $40,000 less than our 2018 budget. However, cutting the budget alone will not get us to independence. Without financial support from FCC, tremendous growth needs to happen in the area of our giving. It is our prayer that more and more of us will be obedient in the call to give generously.

2018 Marks of Growth

In 2018, there were 24 brand new givers who said yes to the call to be generous and give to Clarksburg Church. In 2019, we have already had 2 new people who have said yes to the call to obedience and trust. It is this type of generosity that has allowed us to care for each other and others in the community. Allowed us to:

  • Allowed us to meet 51 weeks during the year.
  • Taylor was able to become our Children’s Ministry Fellow so our children have a curated experience prepared for them each week.
  • Host the 5k Orchard Run in November from which we raised over $3,000 for our partners in the local middle and high schools: Campus Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
  • Partner with the county to serve over 300+ families in the Clarksburg and Damascus area who needed help with food and gifts for the holiday season through Holiday Giving.
  • Train and develop people in our church to love their neighbors and coworkers so that heaven might be more evident here on earth.
  • Care for and love the children in our community through our Date Nights and love their parents by giving them a way to take a break.
  • Provide for the needs of people in our community and in our congregation through the SWAP, through housing, utility, and food assistance.

2019 Opportunities Worth Investing In              

It already seems like in 2019, we are going to have even more opportunities to love and engage with neighbors in the community. Since the beginning of the month, we have been approached to help and/or host three unique neighbor-oriented opportunities:

  1. We were asked by a neighbor, to help a different neighbor fix up his property (the Eugene project).
  2. We have been asked to host another SWAP, largely because of the popularity of the Netflix show “Tidying Up.”
  3. We have been approached about being a new site for a 24/7 Free Little Pantry to assist Clarksburg Residence who are struggling with food security.

And this doesn’t even include all the ideas that have been percolating in your imaginations!

So, God is doing something significant here! And I’m so glad that I get to be part of it. And I want you to be part of it as well! Please consider joining our giving community. We won’t be able to do the things God has called us to without your support. If you see the Kingdom is advancing because of the work done at Clarksburg Church, please say yes and become a recurring giver to help continue the mission.

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