Why I chose “scary.”

Learn why "Miss Taylor" chose to invest in Clarksburg Church Kids

The Story of One Local Teacher’s Decision to Trust God and Invest in Clarksburg Church Kids and Families.

If you would have asked her two years ago if she could ever see herself working at Clarksburg Church, she would have said no, and she probably would have even laughed. But God certainly has a sense of humor. This spring Taylor made the bold and challenging decision to leave her public education job and join Clarksburg Church for a year-long Fellowship Program.

Taylor’s journey is pretty awesome. Read below to see why Taylor chose scary rather than comfortable.

Q&A with Taylor Kirker

Tell us a little bit about your background.

“I have always loved kids. I started serving in the nursery at the church I attended when I was 11 years old and babysat throughout high school. Even though I loved kids even at 16, if someone had asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I would have adamantly answered “lawyer.”
Ironically because of a scheduling mix up, I was placed in a Child Development class my sophomore year of high school, which is where I found my passion for working with students. It was during this class that I decided I would pursue education and become a teacher.
But it didn’t completely unfold as I had imagined. During my third year of college that I realized something about working in a school wasn’t right for me but I didn’t know how else to pursue a career working with children, so I kept moving forward. I shifted my career goals and decided the best I could hope for was to teach a few years, get my Masters Degree in School Counseling, and find my way out of the classroom.”

How long have you been going to Clarksburg Church?

“I started going to Clarksburg Church in 2015. Even though I grew up going to church, I had sort of walked away from the church and while in college I started only coming to church on Christmas and Easter. After graduating from college, I started coming to church more regularly with my mom and reconnected with my faith. I felt like Clarksburg Church was a good church, but I never thought it would feel like home. I was so wrong.”

What is your current role at Clarksburg Church?

“In 2016, I started serving in children’s ministry. I started as a helper, then co-teacher, and eventually lead teacher. Currently, I am the lead teacher for our Elementary School kids and I have recently stepped in to help lead our Nursery team.
I love every minute of working with students and feel so privileged to get to teach them and be a part of their lives. I feel like an extra parent in a lot of ways. I’m partnering with parents to help raise their kids. How amazing is that?”

What led you to make the decision to leave your full-time position to take the Fellowship at Clarksburg Church?

“I have been blessed by being able to work with students with special needs. I love my students fiercely but couldn’t stop feeling like I was meant to be or do something else. This past year I just kept praying that God would open a door for me to work with kids that involved teaching them about God and the value they have because they belong to him. Just when I was deciding what my next move was, Beth called me and told me her ‘crazy’ idea.”

Walk us through your decision to take this position. Was it a hard decision?

“When I heard about the position, I was overjoyed. It was an answered prayer. But after the initial excitement wore off, I was sure that I would have to turn down the offer. I didn’t think I could make it work financially. I was scared.
But then I started to feel God saying “trust me.” After many conversations with my mom, I decided to do what was scary. I decided to do what was unknown. I decided to take the Fellowship position.
I love my Clarksburg kids and still can’t believe that I get to put my time and love into growing a stronger ministry for them.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

“I’m looking forward to having the time and energy to pour into our Children’s Ministry our Clarksburg Church Kids. I’m thrilled to invest even more in the lives of our kids. I’ve had so many ideas over the past year, but no time to bring them to fruition. Watch out soccer games, dance recitals, and science fairs! Miss Taylor is coming!”

What are your hopes and dreams for Clarksburg Church kids and the Children’s Ministry?

“Obviously, I would love to see the ministry grow – not just growth in the number of students, but growth in the number of volunteers. I was once in the same place as my students and I remember how it felt to have adults, that weren’t your parents, love you. It’s so meaningful. So I have a true vision for our students to be connected to each other and other adults through small groups.
It’s wonderful having students learn about God and their faith from me, but part of having their own authentic faith means for them to be in community with each other – which happens during small group. As someone who has been serving with students, I can say that seeing students form relationships with each other that are based in Christ, is seeing God’s Kingdom in action.”

If you could say something to encourage the Clarksburg Church kids and families, what would it be?

“I would tell the children and their families that we are ready to partner with them. Raising children is hard. Raising your children in the ways of the Lord is even harder. Clarksburg Church and Miss Taylor are in the trenches with you.”

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The “Miss Taylor” Project

It represents that God is faithful and He provides people, passions, opportunities, tools, and basements. We are a small church doing big things. The “Miss Taylor” Project represents prayerfully trusting God.

Our Giving Goal:  $56,000 over 3 months (May, June, and July). This $56,000 covers all of our regular operating expenses as well as the additional cost of bringing Taylor on staff for the one-year Fellowship and the cost of renovating the apartment and allowing Taylor to fulfill what she is being called to do. Read More.


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