The “Miss Taylor” Project

The "Miss Taylor Project" Aims to Grow the Clarksburg Church Children's Ministry.

The Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry is growing like crazy. We are in the process of making some exciting changes to support what is already organically taking place. Read below to learn what changes are happening at Clarksburg Church or click here to give and help us meet the “Miss Taylor” Project goal of $56,000 by July 2018. 

New Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry Fellow to Start Summer 2018

Since 2017, the Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry has grown by 15% and 77% since 2016. That is INCREDIBLE! With this growth comes an opportunity to love and pour into the children who are showing up week after week. Over the years, we have been blessed with men and women who have dedicated time and energy into walking with our children, but as a plant grows and requires a gardener to water and care for it, so do people. And we are excited to share that staring Summer 2018, we will have a new gardener as Taylor Kirker will be joining our Staff as Clarksburg’s newest Fellow!

About Miss Taylor

"Miss Taylor"

Taylor Kirker joins Clarksburg Church staff as the new Children’s Ministry Fellow.

Taylor Kirker, called “Miss Taylor” by our kids, has been coming to Clarksburg Church for about 2 years. Taylor quickly began volunteering with our Children’s Ministry starting as an aid and then becoming a Small Group Leader and Elementary School Large Group teacher. Recently, she has also been overseeing the scheduling and training of the elementary team and has stepped in to help oversee the Nursery team. Taylor has given all of this time as a volunteer while also working at a Germantown Elementary School as a teacher for kids with exceptional needs.

Taylor has become an integral part of our community. She spends time with our children on Sunday mornings, during small group, and even organizes fun evenings outside of church events to spend time with the kids. This winter, she helped plan and was an integral part of our very first “Date Night,” an event open to the Clarksburg community providing moms and dads with a few hours to go on a date.

Parents love her, kids adore her, and we are so lucky to have her!

The Children’s Ministry Fellowship

During this fellowship, Taylor is going to pour new energy and fuel on what is already happening in our children’s ministry. Lead Teaching Pastor, Beth Wolff, shares that her hope is that Taylor will be able to create an even more amazing environment for our children to hear about the love of Jesus, for the team to feel valued, loved, and equipped to share with our kids about Jesus, and to find better ways to support our parents in their journey to disciple their children.

This Fellowship is a full time, one year, “paid” opportunity. (Paid = enough so our fellows can afford food, gas for their car, and maybe a phone bill.) One way we make the fellowship feasible is by offering a place to live – the Garage. We are converting the lower level of the garage into an apartment where Taylor will be able to live during her fellowship.

The Clarksburg Garage

The "Miss Taylor" Project garage photo. The Clarksburg Garage has had a long, diverse life. Through the years it has been changed to meet the various, needs of Clarksburg Church and our former church, Lakewood Church. The Garage has served the purposes of administrative offices, youth group room, and now half of it is a home. We are growing and changing again, and following our historical pattern, so is the garage. The first floor of the garage, currently being used as storage, will be fully transformed into a livable apartment by August 2018.

Don’t Stifle a Growth Spurt

Despite amazing growth in children’s ministry, we have run into a logistical, financial, problem. Even though our church as a whole (including adults) has grown by 10% overall since 2017, our giving is down 15%.

This means when you compare giving so far this year to the amount given at this point last year (January-April 2017 to 2018), as a congregation we are giving 15% less than we were giving last year. This is pretty much the equivalent of not feeding a kid who is in the middle of a growth spurt.

So, what are we going to do?

The “Miss Taylor” Project

Our Giving Goal:  $56,000 over 3 months (May, June, and July). This $56,000 covers all of our regular operating expenses as well as the additional cost of bringing Taylor on staff for the one-year Fellowship and the cost of renovating the apartment and allowing Taylor to fulfill what she is being called to do.

We are already faithfully walking in the direction and demo of the first floor of the garage where Taylor will be living has already started, Taylor has already told her employer she is not coming back for the next school year. We are moving towards this and, as shared by Beth “we are trusting that our congregation, by the spirit of God, will respond to this call.” 

The “Miss Taylor” Project represents prayerfully trusting God. It represents the physical representation of change and growth. It represents that God is faithful and He provides people, passions, opportunities, tools, and garages.


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About the Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry

The Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry is not about babysitting or childcare while the adults do the “real work” of knowing and following God. We want to see our kids grow in their faith and knowledge of God, be missional outside the walls of the church, be equipped to bring heaven to earth and advance the kingdom of God now – not waiting until they are older. We believe this is the purpose of children’s ministry at Clarksburg Church.

The Clarksburg Church services are hosted on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Learn more about giving at Clarksburg Church or join our email list to stay in touch

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