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Advent is an opportunity to prepare one’s heart to remember and celebrate that God took on human flesh. This study touches on four passages, each focused on deepening our understanding and broadening our perspective on the truly remarkable Incarnation of Jesus.

John 1, Colossians 1, and Hebrews 1

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John 1, Colossians 1, and Hebrews 1 are beautiful, insightful portraits of Jesus’ preeminence. To say Jesus is preeminent is to say that he is excellent, supreme, and surpasses all others. This study provides you with a wonderful opportunity to see Jesus more clearly and to create a closer alignment with the plan he has for your life.


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The book of Nehemiah chronicles the re-building of the wall under the extraordinary leadership of Nehemiah. It provides incredible insights into what it means to truly pursue your God-given passions, organize your work around those passions, deal with obstacles along the way, and never give up on the work to which God has called you.

2 Timothy

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Second Timothy is a letter of encouragement from Paul to Timothy and Paul’s final correspondence. In this letter, Paul implores Timothy to remain faithful in his ministry by trusting in the gifts that God has given him and that his heritage and ministry have cultivated in him.


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Writing to the Christians in Rome, Paul’s letter describes how to live a righteous life or living a right life in God’s eyes. In Romans 9-12 Paul specifically talks to his readers about the power of God’s redeeming, adoptive love for the Jews and for the Gentiles.


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The book of James really comes alive when you take time to read it and begin applying what you learn to your life. It’s as though the very way in which you see yourself, others and the world around begins to change. In fact, that’s exactly what happens when you begin to see things as God does.


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Ruth is a story of incredible restoration. The subtle, yet unmistakable, presence of God’s faithfulness is on full display in the lives of two women who travel through profound grief to experience the blessing of a redemptive relationship and divine promise.