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Ephesians: A New Way to Be Human.

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Ephesians is the fourth and final letter we are diving into during our Letters series. This series is about the letters written by Paul to and for the church while he was imprisoned in Rome. If you have missed any of the messages during the series, click here to watch or listen to them on our new podcast.


To give you an idea of the context from which these letters were written, first, you need to know a little more about Paul. Paul was a talented speaker, evangelist, and announced the gospel everywhere he went resulting in the planting of many churches in various cities in the ancient world. He was a professional speaker and became a trusted advisor to many followers and local church leaders (remember the story of Philemon?). However, his public proclamation of the good news of Jesus resulted in his imprisonment, essentially ending his public speaking career. The prison Paul landed in was probably a house where he was kept under close guard at all times (likely chained to a soldier). While in prison, Paul was given a number of freedoms not offered to most prisoners. Among them was the freedom to write letters and receive visitors. This allowed Paul to continue his work of developing, encouraging and teaching churches even from his prison cell. It also gave us the opportunity to have some of Paul’s brilliant insight written down so that we too can learn about Jesus and who we are called to be.

A Challenge to the Church

This particular letter that Paul wrote was to a church in the city of Ephesus. It was a huge city that was the epicenter of worship of Roman and Greek gods. The letter to the Ephesians is broken into two clear parts. First, Paul explores the history of the gospel and how its climax is in Jesus and his multi-ethnic community of followers. One of the main points here is that anyone can be adopted into the family of Christ. Second, Paul challenges the church to live out a new humanity in which the image of God is restored. What does this look like?
For a better understanding of what Paul writes about in the letter to the Ephesians, check out this video from The Bible Project.

Small Changes Make Big Impact

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Over the past three months, we have grown together as a church community. As a community, we have made changes and created new partnerships all in hope of making Clarksburg look a little more like heaven on earth. Sometimes, a small change makes a big difference, especially when a group of people makes a small change together.

Four notable changes and events so far this year:

  1. Coffee in the Lounge: You may have noticed a new taste and cup/lid with your Sunday morning coffee. Beginning in February, we took another step toward independence by purchasing coffee from Westrock Coffee and using biodegradable cups and lids. With this small change, we are providing coffee that is ethically sourced and materials that are earth-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable. Westrock Coffee is a company that employs farmers in distant countries. The coffee is ethically sourced, promises fair wages, and consistent income which provides opportunities for farmers and their families to have their basic necessities, like education, access to clean water, and healthcare, fulfilled. With these two small changes, we are able to make a global impact – caring for people and the earth.
  2. The Eugene Project: Additionally, as a congregation, we have continued our journey in learning to love and care for our diverse and ever-changing city. In January we came together and organized 48 people from within our Clarksburg Church community, the military, other local neighbors, students from local high schools, and local church Cedarbrook, to support our 82-year-old neighbor, Eugene. Together we restored his property and helped him avoid substantial county fines he would have not been able to afford.
  3. SWAP and P.U.R.E. Youth: We have hosted events to serve our community in various ways, including a SWAP in February, which encouraged everyone to give and receive freely. During the SWAP, we partnered with Pure Youth, People for Urban and Rural Education (P.U.R.E), an organization locally lead by a middle school student that seeks to confront inequality by increasing educational opportunities for children in impoverished communities at home in the United States and in India. They hosted a bake sale during the SWAP, and we matched their sales. The next SWAP is on August 10.
  4. The Little Free Pantry: In March we partnered with local Girl Scouts and the organization the Little Free Pantry, to be the host a 24/7 Clarksburg Little Free Pantry on our parking lot which helps meet food insecurity for anyone in need. The pantry has only been open for three weeks and already we have seen steady donating and receiving traffic from both our congregation and the members from the greater Clarksburg and neighboring communities.

Thank you for joining in and participating in the call to love our neighbors and community that is enabling the movement of God to continue to every generation and those who are not yet followers of Jesus. We look forward to seeing what will come in the next few months!

The Clarksburg Little Free Pantry

The Clarksburg Little Free Pantry

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The Clarksburg Little Free Pantry: Take what you need, give what you can.

What does heaven on earth look like? To you, it might look like one thing. Perhaps a month of free rent, no mortgage payment, no car payment, someone to make dinner for your family for a week, a healed illness or sickness. For someone who is not sure where their next meal might come from, it could look like 24/7 access to free, easily obtainable food.

Our new partnership with a local Girl Scout Troop brings a little bit of heaven to earth through the addition of a Little Free Pantry in Clarksburg, MD.  

Why a Clarksburg Little Free Pantry?

The Little Free Pantry is popping up all around the country in efforts to engage in food insecurity in small, but meaningful ways. A local resident who experienced homelessness explained that even though food pantries have more food options, they are not always accessible.

Food pantries are often open on limited days and hours during the week. Many also have geographic restrictions or proof of residence requirement. She explained that during her time of need she had trouble accessing a food pantry because of her working hours, but a Little Free Pantry provided supplemental respite.

The Clarksburg Little Free Pantry

How did Clarksburg Church get involved? A local Girl Scout had received a grant from the Hampstead Little Free Pantry, as well as matching funds from the Damascus Little Free Pantry, and contacted us with a simple request: could we host a Little Free Pantry in Clarksburg? For so many reasons, we said yes! We soon learned that a Little Free Pantry exists in Damascus and has been working well.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help our neighbors and community in the same way.  With a mission to make Clarksburg and the surrounding communities look a little more like heaven on earth, we were excited to help.

Installation, done by Smith Home Improvements and sponsored by a local realtor, began the second week of March and on March 24 at 11:00 a.m., we are hosting a ribbon cutting to initiate the opening of the Little Free Pantry immediately following our regular 10:00 a.m. gathering. Want to contribute? Bring non-expired goods to help stock the pantry.

Pictured: Elgin, the contractor, volunteering his personal time to install the Little Free Pantry and the official location of the Littel Free Pantry. 

The Little Free Pantry

“The Little Free Pantry utilizes a familiar, compelling concept to create local interest in and action against local food insecurity. [It] offers a place around which neighbors might coalesce to meet neighborhood needs, whether for food or for fun.

The single Little Free Pantry is ‘little.’ Lots of Little Free Pantries might be big. Duplicate freely.”

The Little Free Pantry is not a faith-based organization, however, it reflects characteristics of the God we serve. One of their guiding principles: We give without expectation or strings attached.

Learn more about the Little Free Pantry

2018 Clarksburg Church Financial Update

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2018 Clarksburg Church Financial Update

In November of 2018, you might have heard Beth unpack some exciting news. Do party hats and blowers ring a bell? Yes? Clarksburg Church had hit an exciting and important financial marker. Clarksburg Church’s income reached their expected spending for 2018! There was much celebration had by all!

Before the congregation a new goal was presented: to become financially independent from Fairfax Community Church (FCC) in 2019. This process of “growing up” would entail opening our own bank account with $40,000 to sustain us through any emergency we might encounter.

Here’s how Clarksburg Church finished financially in 2019 and a plan for our growing financial independence:

2018 Spending and Expense Overview

  • Total expenses for 2018:$209,700
    • Spending was $90,000 under budget as a result of the grace of God and careful spending of staff!
  • Total 2018 income: $237,300
    Income was generated by:

$163,300 Clarksburg Giving
$24,000 contribution from the after-school program, Best Brains
$50,000 Fairfax support*

Based on our additional income, we were able to open our new bank account with $27,600.

*Fairfax Community Church is a church located in Fairfax, VA that is responsible for our continued existence. They planted us! They are kind of like our parents!

Financial Independence

Without the help of FCC, we would not have $27,600 to put in the bank to start 2019. In fact, without FCC we would have been about $20,000 behind our spending. So we are incredibly grateful to them. But like all children, it is time for us to grow up and sustain ourselves.

Fairfax is still supporting us in tremendous ways; they own the land, building, and property and allow us to use the facility rent-free which is amazingly generous!

A Decreased Budget for 2019

In order for us to financially support ourselves, we have made the decision to decrease our 2019 budget to $261,000, which is $40,000 less than our 2018 budget. However, cutting the budget alone will not get us to independence. Without financial support from FCC, tremendous growth needs to happen in the area of our giving. It is our prayer that more and more of us will be obedient in the call to give generously.

2018 Marks of Growth

In 2018, there were 24 brand new givers who said yes to the call to be generous and give to Clarksburg Church. In 2019, we have already had 2 new people who have said yes to the call to obedience and trust. It is this type of generosity that has allowed us to care for each other and others in the community. Allowed us to:

  • Allowed us to meet 51 weeks during the year.
  • Taylor was able to become our Children’s Ministry Fellow so our children have a curated experience prepared for them each week.
  • Host the 5k Orchard Run in November from which we raised over $3,000 for our partners in the local middle and high schools: Campus Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
  • Partner with the county to serve over 300+ families in the Clarksburg and Damascus area who needed help with food and gifts for the holiday season through Holiday Giving.
  • Train and develop people in our church to love their neighbors and coworkers so that heaven might be more evident here on earth.
  • Care for and love the children in our community through our Date Nights and love their parents by giving them a way to take a break.
  • Provide for the needs of people in our community and in our congregation through the SWAP, through housing, utility, and food assistance.

2019 Opportunities Worth Investing In              

It already seems like in 2019, we are going to have even more opportunities to love and engage with neighbors in the community. Since the beginning of the month, we have been approached to help and/or host three unique neighbor-oriented opportunities:

  1. We were asked by a neighbor, to help a different neighbor fix up his property (the Eugene project).
  2. We have been asked to host another SWAP, largely because of the popularity of the Netflix show “Tidying Up.”
  3. We have been approached about being a new site for a 24/7 Free Little Pantry to assist Clarksburg Residence who are struggling with food security.

And this doesn’t even include all the ideas that have been percolating in your imaginations!

So, God is doing something significant here! And I’m so glad that I get to be part of it. And I want you to be part of it as well! Please consider joining our giving community. We won’t be able to do the things God has called us to without your support. If you see the Kingdom is advancing because of the work done at Clarksburg Church, please say yes and become a recurring giver to help continue the mission.

Neighboring: Clarksburg Village Block Party

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Being Sent Looks Like Inviting Your Neighbors to a Party

“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21

Being “sent” often feels like this big, huge, scary thing. When we hear the term “sent” we often hear a call to go somewhere new or foreign, a place outside the daily rhythms of life. But in reality, we are sent to the very places and spaces that fill our everyday lives. Being sent is close to home, it is intentional, and it can be really fun. Like throwing a party.

Amanda Gines, Clarksburg Church New Comer, has taken intentional steps to plant seeds and create friendships in her neighborhood and earlier this summer, she coordinated a neighborhood block party. Read what inspired her and how it went!

  • You hosted a neighborhood block party recently. What inspired you to host a party for a bunch of Clarksburg Neighborhood Block Partypeople? Did you know everyone you invited?
    “Last year our HOA posted on our community page that they were participating in National Night Out. It’s a nationwide initiative from police departments to have a block party or some sort of community gathering so people could meet their neighbors. This helps reduce crime and fosters a sense of “looking out for each other.” Our community is so large that the HOA asked if people would volunteer to host a block party for their block. Myself and my other neighbor, Bobbie, hosted last year. We had a great time and met so many of our neighbors. At the time, we were still relatively new to Maryland and I think about 30 of our neighbors came.
    This year I just decided to host one in hopes that we could get even more people on our block to come out. I was not sure if our neighborhood was doing National Night Out again or not but many of my neighbors had been commenting on how they enjoyed last year and how they hoped we would do it again.
  • Give us an idea of how much work went into hosting the party – was it a potluck or did you prepare everything? How many people did you invite?
    “About 25 households were invited and 60+ people came. It was a potluck. We had everyone bring tables and chairs if they had them and any outdoor games! It was truly a group effort and all I really did was organize it. One of my amazing neighbors, whose children are older lead the kids’ activities, we also had misting fans, games, goodie backpacks, medals and more. She was amazing! Another neighbor did face painting!”
  • What was the best part about your party?
    The best part is getting to know each other more! We learn so much from each other! There are so many different cultures so it is so fascinating to experience and learn from them.
  • Did you learn anything from it/would you do it again?
    I would love to do it again and next time might be in the fall with a food theme. What I learned, you can never have too much cutlery.
  • In what ways, if any, do you feel like this block party connects to the concept of being sent to our neighborhoods to make them more like heaven then earth?
    That is a tough one but I think the experience and being involved in our neighborhood like this allows us to be more involved with our community, to promote a sense of togetherness and inclusion.  We are also called to be a light in our community. When we share our lives (no matter how flawed they may be), our time and our energy with those around us they hopefully will see Christ in us.
Q&A with Beth Wolff about Clarksburg Children's Ministry.

The Transformation of Children’s Ministry

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Q&A with Beth Wolff, Lead Teaching Pastor

When you first came to Clarksburg Church, what was the state of our Children’s Ministry? AND/OR Other than numbers, how have you seen the Children’s Ministry grow, develop, or change over the past 2 years?

  • Our first Sunday at Clarksburg Church was a challenge for our whole family. We had left a church where the children’s ministry was overflowing with the rambunctious energy of many children. On our first Sunday at Clarksburg Church, there were three kids in the elementary room. The preschool class for my other daughter had to join the nursery because there were not enough children to occupy both classes. While it was hard for my children to adjust to this change, it also made me sad to see volunteers pour their hearts into developing lesson plans and children’s programming only to have few children, if any, showed up.
    What we experienced during our visit two years ago now feels like a distant memory. Not only has the Children’s programming grown numerically, but I have seen the kids grow in their relationships with each other and their small group leaders, even beyond spending time together on Sunday mornings.
    Our kids love being together and I love seeing that our small group leaders are so invested in our children that they often spend time with the children and their families outside of Sunday mornings.

Why is it important now to have someone in a Children’s Ministry-specific, full-time, role?

  • When most people think of Children’s Ministry, they picture it as a childcare service; something that is offered during Sunday service so the adults can do the “real work” of learning about and worshipping God. But that’s not true for one very important reason: Children are vitally important to Jesus. Our Children’s Ministry focuses on three primary points of impact in our children’s’ lives.
  • First, we aim to create an environment for kids at every age to have the opportunity to learn about and worship God in age-appropriate ways. Thinking through how to do that takes a lot of work, especially as we continue to grow and have the opportunity to offer more age-segregated classes.
  • Second, we want to make sure those who teach and train our kids are awesome and well-equipped for the task. Chances are if you grew up in a church and are still active in your faith, it wasn’t because of the cool program or craft that was done on a Sunday morning. It was the influence of someone who loved, listened, and took you seriously. Our hope this that by having someone in a Children’s Ministry-specific role, we will have the bandwidth to better train and equip our team of volunteers to be just as relationally effective and influential.
  • Lastly, we want to make every effort to come alongside and support the people who have the primary role of teaching kids about Jesus: their parents. No parent can do this thing alone. The new Children’s Ministry Fellowship role will allow us to dedicate a new level of attention to how we are supporting our parents in the important work to which they have been called, develop our small group leaders, and focus on the age-specific environments of worship and learning for our kids.

Tell us a little about how you have seen Taylor’s desire to work in Children’s Ministry grow over the years, and why she might be a good fit.

  • First and foremost, Taylor’s heart is for kids. I really believe that when she sees a child, she sees the image of God in that child. Taylor’s desire is to help that child see it for themselves. But she didn’t start off in Children’s Ministry right away.
    It’s actually a pretty funny story.
    Taylor was one of the first people I met when I came to Clarksburg Church two years ago. I sat next to her during service and at that time she wasn’t serving in Children’s ministry. A few weeks later, the lead volunteer for Children’s Ministry was moving and we were in need of a replacement. Taylors’ name was shared as an option.
    At the time I didn’t really know Taylor. I knew it would be better for me to just spend with and get to know her. The following week I asked Taylor to grab coffee with me. Before our “coffee date,” I promised myself I would not bring up Children’s ministry at all. I just wanted to get to know her.
    I only found out later that Taylor had promised herself that if I had brought up Children’s ministry, she was going to leave the church. But I didn’t! So she stayed!

What is your vision for Children’s Ministry at Clarksburg Church?

  • I hope we will be a place known for awesome kids! Kids that reach out to others on the playground, cafeteria, and neighborhoods. I hope for a ministry filled with kids that are known for their compassion, justice work, and love for others. But this doesn’t happen with one hour a week on Sunday mornings. It is a holistic approach and involves an “all-hands on deck” mentality from the entire community. It requires everyone to step in and through our lives and our words, teach what it means to live this kingdom life.

Why is it important to reach the $56,000 goal in three months?

  • By reaching the $56,000 goal, we will not only be taking care of our existing commitments (building maintenance, programs, community support), but we will cover the year-long stipend for Taylor’s fellowship which includes the renovation of a place for her to live during her fellowship. This amount ensures we won’t need to relinquish any of our previous commitments.

You have mentioned that the church is already walking in faith. How have you seen the congregation step up to support the “Miss Taylor” Project?

  • Oh man. I have seen people give sacrificially in many different ways. Some have decided to forego eating out, give out of their savings, give a small amount regularly, and a few have decided to give a one-time big gift on top of what they regularly give. The generosity abounds!

If you could offer Taylor one piece of advice, what would it be?

  • Can I give two? First, don’t allow program growth to quiet your appetite for kingdom growth – they are different. When you step into a church staff, it is easy to think that they are the same thing. But Kingdom Growth is something so much bigger than building a program. We don’t want to just see more kids on Sunday mornings, we want to see more kids GOING OUT of the church equipped and ready to build the kingdom, show the love and Jesus, and bring heaven to earth. What happens on a Sunday morning is the means to the end goal, which is the kingdom.
    Second, this kingdom work is a marathon. We must pace ourselves and remember that in Jesus’ parables about the kingdom He often compared them to seeds. Sometimes there is a long period of sowing with little to no harvest, and then a bumper crop.
Learn why "Miss Taylor" chose to invest in Clarksburg Church Kids

Why I chose “scary.”

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The Story of One Local Teacher’s Decision to Trust God and Invest in Clarksburg Church Kids and Families.

If you would have asked her two years ago if she could ever see herself working at Clarksburg Church, she would have said no, and she probably would have even laughed. But God certainly has a sense of humor. This spring Taylor made the bold and challenging decision to leave her public education job and join Clarksburg Church for a year-long Fellowship Program.

Taylor’s journey is pretty awesome. Read below to see why Taylor chose scary rather than comfortable.

Q&A with Taylor Kirker

Tell us a little bit about your background.

“I have always loved kids. I started serving in the nursery at the church I attended when I was 11 years old and babysat throughout high school. Even though I loved kids even at 16, if someone had asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I would have adamantly answered “lawyer.”
Ironically because of a scheduling mix up, I was placed in a Child Development class my sophomore year of high school, which is where I found my passion for working with students. It was during this class that I decided I would pursue education and become a teacher.
But it didn’t completely unfold as I had imagined. During my third year of college that I realized something about working in a school wasn’t right for me but I didn’t know how else to pursue a career working with children, so I kept moving forward. I shifted my career goals and decided the best I could hope for was to teach a few years, get my Masters Degree in School Counseling, and find my way out of the classroom.”

How long have you been going to Clarksburg Church?

“I started going to Clarksburg Church in 2015. Even though I grew up going to church, I had sort of walked away from the church and while in college I started only coming to church on Christmas and Easter. After graduating from college, I started coming to church more regularly with my mom and reconnected with my faith. I felt like Clarksburg Church was a good church, but I never thought it would feel like home. I was so wrong.”

What is your current role at Clarksburg Church?

“In 2016, I started serving in children’s ministry. I started as a helper, then co-teacher, and eventually lead teacher. Currently, I am the lead teacher for our Elementary School kids and I have recently stepped in to help lead our Nursery team.
I love every minute of working with students and feel so privileged to get to teach them and be a part of their lives. I feel like an extra parent in a lot of ways. I’m partnering with parents to help raise their kids. How amazing is that?”

What led you to make the decision to leave your full-time position to take the Fellowship at Clarksburg Church?

“I have been blessed by being able to work with students with special needs. I love my students fiercely but couldn’t stop feeling like I was meant to be or do something else. This past year I just kept praying that God would open a door for me to work with kids that involved teaching them about God and the value they have because they belong to him. Just when I was deciding what my next move was, Beth called me and told me her ‘crazy’ idea.”

Walk us through your decision to take this position. Was it a hard decision?

“When I heard about the position, I was overjoyed. It was an answered prayer. But after the initial excitement wore off, I was sure that I would have to turn down the offer. I didn’t think I could make it work financially. I was scared.
But then I started to feel God saying “trust me.” After many conversations with my mom, I decided to do what was scary. I decided to do what was unknown. I decided to take the Fellowship position.
I love my Clarksburg kids and still can’t believe that I get to put my time and love into growing a stronger ministry for them.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

“I’m looking forward to having the time and energy to pour into our Children’s Ministry our Clarksburg Church Kids. I’m thrilled to invest even more in the lives of our kids. I’ve had so many ideas over the past year, but no time to bring them to fruition. Watch out soccer games, dance recitals, and science fairs! Miss Taylor is coming!”

What are your hopes and dreams for Clarksburg Church kids and the Children’s Ministry?

“Obviously, I would love to see the ministry grow – not just growth in the number of students, but growth in the number of volunteers. I was once in the same place as my students and I remember how it felt to have adults, that weren’t your parents, love you. It’s so meaningful. So I have a true vision for our students to be connected to each other and other adults through small groups.
It’s wonderful having students learn about God and their faith from me, but part of having their own authentic faith means for them to be in community with each other – which happens during small group. As someone who has been serving with students, I can say that seeing students form relationships with each other that are based in Christ, is seeing God’s Kingdom in action.”

If you could say something to encourage the Clarksburg Church kids and families, what would it be?

“I would tell the children and their families that we are ready to partner with them. Raising children is hard. Raising your children in the ways of the Lord is even harder. Clarksburg Church and Miss Taylor are in the trenches with you.”

Be a part of this story.

The “Miss Taylor” Project

It represents that God is faithful and He provides people, passions, opportunities, tools, and basements. We are a small church doing big things. The “Miss Taylor” Project represents prayerfully trusting God.

Our Giving Goal:  $56,000 over 3 months (May, June, and July). This $56,000 covers all of our regular operating expenses as well as the additional cost of bringing Taylor on staff for the one-year Fellowship and the cost of renovating the apartment and allowing Taylor to fulfill what she is being called to do. Read More.


Give Online

Join the Children’s Ministry Team

Are you ready to partner with Taylor and invest in Clarksburg Churck Kids? Learn more about what to expect, how to join the team, and our current needs.



The "Miss Taylor Project" Aims to Grow the Clarksburg Church Children's Ministry.

The “Miss Taylor” Project

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The Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry is growing like crazy. We are in the process of making some exciting changes to support what is already organically taking place. Read below to learn what changes are happening at Clarksburg Church or click here to give and help us meet the “Miss Taylor” Project goal of $56,000 by July 2018. 

New Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry Fellow to Start Summer 2018

Since 2017, the Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry has grown by 15% and 77% since 2016. That is INCREDIBLE! With this growth comes an opportunity to love and pour into the children who are showing up week after week. Over the years, we have been blessed with men and women who have dedicated time and energy into walking with our children, but as a plant grows and requires a gardener to water and care for it, so do people. And we are excited to share that staring Summer 2018, we will have a new gardener as Taylor Kirker will be joining our Staff as Clarksburg’s newest Fellow!

About Miss Taylor

"Miss Taylor"

Taylor Kirker joins Clarksburg Church staff as the new Children’s Ministry Fellow.

Taylor Kirker, called “Miss Taylor” by our kids, has been coming to Clarksburg Church for about 2 years. Taylor quickly began volunteering with our Children’s Ministry starting as an aid and then becoming a Small Group Leader and Elementary School Large Group teacher. Recently, she has also been overseeing the scheduling and training of the elementary team and has stepped in to help oversee the Nursery team. Taylor has given all of this time as a volunteer while also working at a Germantown Elementary School as a teacher for kids with exceptional needs.

Taylor has become an integral part of our community. She spends time with our children on Sunday mornings, during small group, and even organizes fun evenings outside of church events to spend time with the kids. This winter, she helped plan and was an integral part of our very first “Date Night,” an event open to the Clarksburg community providing moms and dads with a few hours to go on a date.

Parents love her, kids adore her, and we are so lucky to have her!

The Children’s Ministry Fellowship

During this fellowship, Taylor is going to pour new energy and fuel on what is already happening in our children’s ministry. Lead Teaching Pastor, Beth Wolff, shares that her hope is that Taylor will be able to create an even more amazing environment for our children to hear about the love of Jesus, for the team to feel valued, loved, and equipped to share with our kids about Jesus, and to find better ways to support our parents in their journey to disciple their children.

This Fellowship is a full time, one year, “paid” opportunity. (Paid = enough so our fellows can afford food, gas for their car, and maybe a phone bill.) One way we make the fellowship feasible is by offering a place to live – the Garage. We are converting the lower level of the garage into an apartment where Taylor will be able to live during her fellowship.

The Clarksburg Garage

The "Miss Taylor" Project garage photo. The Clarksburg Garage has had a long, diverse life. Through the years it has been changed to meet the various, needs of Clarksburg Church and our former church, Lakewood Church. The Garage has served the purposes of administrative offices, youth group room, and now half of it is a home. We are growing and changing again, and following our historical pattern, so is the garage. The first floor of the garage, currently being used as storage, will be fully transformed into a livable apartment by August 2018.

Don’t Stifle a Growth Spurt

Despite amazing growth in children’s ministry, we have run into a logistical, financial, problem. Even though our church as a whole (including adults) has grown by 10% overall since 2017, our giving is down 15%.

This means when you compare giving so far this year to the amount given at this point last year (January-April 2017 to 2018), as a congregation we are giving 15% less than we were giving last year. This is pretty much the equivalent of not feeding a kid who is in the middle of a growth spurt.

So, what are we going to do?

The “Miss Taylor” Project

Our Giving Goal:  $56,000 over 3 months (May, June, and July). This $56,000 covers all of our regular operating expenses as well as the additional cost of bringing Taylor on staff for the one-year Fellowship and the cost of renovating the apartment and allowing Taylor to fulfill what she is being called to do.

We are already faithfully walking in the direction and demo of the first floor of the garage where Taylor will be living has already started, Taylor has already told her employer she is not coming back for the next school year. We are moving towards this and, as shared by Beth “we are trusting that our congregation, by the spirit of God, will respond to this call.” 

The “Miss Taylor” Project represents prayerfully trusting God. It represents the physical representation of change and growth. It represents that God is faithful and He provides people, passions, opportunities, tools, and garages.


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About the Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry

The Clarksburg Church Children’s Ministry is not about babysitting or childcare while the adults do the “real work” of knowing and following God. We want to see our kids grow in their faith and knowledge of God, be missional outside the walls of the church, be equipped to bring heaven to earth and advance the kingdom of God now – not waiting until they are older. We believe this is the purpose of children’s ministry at Clarksburg Church.

The Clarksburg Church services are hosted on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Learn more about giving at Clarksburg Church or join our email list to stay in touch