What does heaven on Earth look like? To you, it might look like a month of free rent, no mortgage payment, no car payment, prepared dinners for your family, or a healed illness or sickness. For someone who is not sure where their next meal might come from, it could look like 24/7 access to free, easily obtainable food.

The Clarksburg Little Free Pantry

The Little Free Pantry is popping up all around the country in efforts to engage in food insecurity in small, but meaningful ways. The Little Free Pantry was established to provide supplemental respite during unexpected times of need.

The Clarksburg Little Free Pantry is located on the property of Clarksburg Church, however, it is run by local community members. It is open 24/7 and is 100% anonymous – take what you need, leave what you don’t, donate what you can. 

List of Items Available/Needed:

  • Non-Perishable Food Items
  • Canned Goods: vegetables, fruit, soup, etc. (preferably with a pop-off top)
  • Dry Foods: Ramen Noodles, Oatmeal, Pop-Tarts, Granola Bars, Crackers, Pasta, Cereal
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Personal care items: diapers, wipes, formula, laundry/dish detergent, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, socks, shampoo, soap, etc. (no sharp objects/razors)
  • Pet food


Clarksburg Church Parking Lot
22820 Frederick Rd.
Clarksburg, MD